Worldbeat Music Ensembles

WorldBeat Music Ensembles

Michael Gaza Performance

Take a musical journey around the world with
Michael DiMartino and the WorldBeat Ensemble

Experience original music based on traditional rhythms and instruments from around the world.
Music from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

Performances are a musical journey around the world focusing on audience participation. WorldBeat Ensemble performs as a percussion-based ensemble or as a full World Music Troupe. Performances can include students from workshops, dancers, and multimedia.

During a show, attendees will be transported musically from the villages of West Africa, to the pyramids of Mexico, and to the desert sands of the Middle East. All music is original and composed with cultural instruments and based on traditional rhythms.

Performance Options

World Beatnix Dance Band
WorldBeat Percussion Ensemble
Hands of Fire – Flamenco Duo
Sabor Del Oro – Latin Jazz Trio
Strings & Skins
Universe Of Sound – Experimental
Buffalo Sun – Native Flute & Rhythm
Human Jukebox – Eclectic Cover Songs
Art Rock Duo
The Beat Temple