Welcome to World BeatCultural Music Performances & Educational Programs Focused On World Rhythms.

WorldBeat is a dynamic assortment of hands-on programs and performances unifying the traditional with the contemporary and the creative with the educational. The WorldBeat program may be presented in workshop and/or performance formats.


The WorldBeat programs use rhythm instruments from various cultures in a classroom setting and teaches the students how to play. Instruction includes dance and singing traditional songs. The format can be adapted from a one to three hour class depending upon the needs of the specific institution. Sessions can be daily, weekly, monthly, or as one-time programs or workshops. Classes may also culminate in a school, public, or fundraising performance. Several factors set Michael DiMartino’s instruction apart from traditional music classes. The unique combination of rhythm work, vocal accompaniment, and movement, all in a collaborative, group creative process develops and supports:

Leadership • Teamwork • Community building • Self empowerment
Creative self-expression • Cultural education

Michael has been teaching this program since 1990 and performs solo, with students, with his percussion group, and with a full world music troupe around the world—in institutions ranging from preschool to universities. The program has also been formatted for special needs populations, from very young children to senior citizens.

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