Drums Not Guns

A new and innovative program addressing the growing crescendo of violence in schools and society as a whole.We explore supportive techniques for sociological behavior patterns like ADD, ADHD and depression.We do this thru creative self expression, personal empowerment, leadership development and group communication techniques and team building. This program utilizes techniques of music therapy.



World Beat Community Drum & Dance Circles

Community Drum Circles are an open and improvisational experience. Learn rhythms, while having the opportunity to freely express yourself!!! A great program for leadership development and team building. Applicable for corporate to tribal environments. Fun for all ages.

The Universal Language of Rhythm

The Universal Language of Rhythm is a hands-on workshop using a selection of drums and percussion instruments. Learn the ancient nonverbal language of communication. This workshop focuses on tradition and technique, while learning the verbalizations of the rhythms. We practice rhythms from Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Applicable to all styles of percussion instruments, this program can range from a primarily creative focus to an academic, experiential, or research focus.

Drumming Group

The Healing Power of Rhythm

The Healing Power of Rhythm workshop is based on the ancient science of Nada Yoga, indigenous drumming, and tenets of music therapy. This workshop activates entrainment, which is connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain (analytical and creative) and producing synchronizations. It includes breath work, rhythm realizations, and song. No experience is necessary.

Rhythm Based Music Therapy

The Rhythm Based Music Therapy workshop is a more clinical approach to drumming as therapy. This workshop is useful for anything from stress relief to memory loss or issues with autism. This workshop has been offered successfully in retirement centers and for people with special needs or developmental disabilities.

Michael Gaza Plateau with children

Michael and WorldBeat. Egypt Festival 1999


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